– Use arrow keys for movement of your car
– Use the shift button to trigger nitro acceleration
– Use space bar for a break
– Use the T button to see the map
– Use the R button to respawn
– Use the C button to change the camera view

We love car games, right? So I have decided to share with you today one of my favorite ones – Madalin Stunt Cars 2. I know, I know there are thousands of car games out there, why you should play exactly this one, that might be your first thought right now, but listen, this game is not like others at all, I will tell you below what makes it so special and outstanding.

About the game
First of all unlike other car games out there, here your main objective is not race or finishing first, this game is all about driving, jumping on obstacles, enjoying the world’s most powerful cars, and things like that. Might sound kind of boring, but believe me it quite entertaining and fun actually.

The main thing that you will love about this game is the stunts in it, you will appreciate how many different trampolines are there in the game, with roads in the sky, rounded obstacles, various objects that can be used to send your vehicle high in the sky, etc. There are so many possibilities in this game, you will also appreciate the unique structure of maps.

Various mode
There are two main modes in the game, single-player and multiplayer, we will cover both of them below.

Multiplayer, where you can enjoy the game with other players online, you may even invite your friends and play together, share your cool moves, stunts, game tactics, etc.

Single-player, move around the map yourself, drift, jump, use nitro, use trampolines, other structures in the map, whatever you like. You make rules, you decide how to play, simple as that.

So many vehicles
There are approximately 34 different cars in the game! All of them are a top choice, coolest and most advance, powerful cars. The fact that the game offers such a variety is already awesome. You may even change the color of your supercar, make it look like your dream vehicle, and drive around the map as much as you want.

Other aspects of the game
– This is a 3D game with incredible graphics, smooth movements, and unique landscapes.
– 34 top-level supercars, sports cars, muscle cars, etc. Possibility to change color.
– Map with many different ramps and loops, use them, test various tricks, have fun driving around.
– There are three main maps in the game, from time to time developers may add new ones as well.
– Two game modes, single-player and multiplayer, invite friends to show off your driving skills.

Play it on your device
Want to download this game on your phone? No problem, the game has a mobile version as well and we have download links available for you.

Video guide
Controlling your vehicle might be hard, especially if you are using nitro and your speed is over 250, with that being said we offer you the following video guide that might help you to understand how to control your car better and how to perform mind-blowing stunts.

Final word
Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is not your average car game, there is no objective in this game nor there are any rules, drive wherever you want, as fast as you want, and perform crazy tricks. With tons of different supercars, you won’t get bored at all and you may also play different maps to try different stunts with unique ramps and loops.

Give it try guys, I am pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed at all.